“Thank you Dr. Harper and Staff for a job well done!”

I’m a retired senior with a severe hearing loss. I am writing to explain how Dr. Sandra Harper of Harper Hearing Services Company has made a significant change in my life.

Several years ago, I started looking for a new career and found it to be very challenging, as I could not hear and communicate well with others. I wore hearing aids, but they were old and did not work well. On occasion, they would fail making for several embarrassing moments. Over time, I lost confidence and stopped looking for the new career. I became somewhat depressed and stopped attending most social events.

As time passed, I wondered if there was a better solution. Maybe a new type of hearing aid that worked better. I made an appointment with Dr. Harper and was immediately impressed with her audiology expertise, compassion and knowledge of new hearing aid products on the market. After a thorough audiology exam she identified my specific problem and made suggestions on what hearing aids would serve my lifestyle best.

After receiving my new hearing aids, I was able to find a job and start a new career. I am now able to sit through an entire training class without having to ask the instructor to repeat information. I am also able to communicate better with fellow employees in a wide variety of environments.

Mark Hassell

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“If you have not guessed I am a very happy camper.”

“I thank you for your advance preparation and research on the computer program and specifications on my new Starkey instrument. Except for that start up painful noise, I thought everything went very well and we communicated well together. It helped having Carol in the room, even though all the technical talk went over her head.

I have now worn the unit in my right ear, including sleeping with it in. I think I will be wearing it 24/7, with only changes in the four programs. I love the slow wave affect of the Tinnitus sound and would recommend it to the future patients who have a similar problem as myself. I read the entire instructions after dinner. Very well and clearly written. I have learned to change all the programs by the push button on the button the bottom. This AM, I will learn how to do the changes on my iPhone. If you have not guessed I am a very happy camper. You are authorized to use any of positive comments in your newsletter or e -mail’s to other patients with Tinnitus.

You are a true gift to have for me in a world where many people do not take the time to truly help the client/customer and are all tuned into our fast paced, digital, smart phone world.”

Mike Ayers

“Life is so much more enjoyable for me now because of the hearing improvement.”

I just wanted to let you know what pleasure I am having with Phonak iCom and hearing aids. The hearing aids alone are an order of magnitude better than my old ones. At meetings with the old hearing aids, I had trouble understanding what was being discussed, even with the aid of an additional microphone and amplifier. With the new hearing aids I can hear and understand most of everything that is discussed.

Now with the Phonak iCOM my cell phone communication is marvelous. During my noon time lunch walks I can call my wife and walk with my hand free and converse with her as if she was there walking with me. Actually, I hear her better than if she was with me. In the office, if I have an important call come in, I will have them call me back on my cell phone because I can hear and understand them so much better. Also, I have both hands free to take notes.

In the car, it is so easy to answer the phone with just a quick tab on the iCOM unit and then I continue driving with both hands while conversing. The background noises on the freeway are not even noticeable.

I am planning on expanding the ICOM capability to my computers and TV in the near future.

Bill Rea